Sika. Friday Night at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015

The connection with our ancestors and  ancient knowledge is a key to see into the Dreamtime of our planet.

SIKA3-300pxEmerging over 20 years ago, at the forefront of tribal music in the 80’s, Sika leapt into the UK music scene and was immediately recognized as a gifted Didjeridoo player. Through merging ancient and contemporary instruments, Sika’s music crosses the lines between world, ambient dance and acoustic trance , with a deep sense of reverence.

 His instrument bundle includes the Didjeridoo, Taos Drum, Shells, Ocarinas, Rattles and Shakers, Hoop Drums, Native American Flutes, as well as synths and electronica. Continue reading Sika. Friday Night at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015

Sacred Earth. Saturday Night at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015

   “Peace on earth must begin inside each and every individual.”​

Sacred-Earth-portrait-250pxBased on the Sunshine Coast  Australia, “Sacred Earth” tour the world sharing uplifting, expansive music from the heart.

Ancient Mantra’s, soaring flutes, beautiful soothing melodies & harmonies that transport you to a state of deep, peaceful bliss.

Prem & Jethro have been traveling & sharing their music as “Sacred Earth” for 14 years with one intention… to share music that touches the heart of the listener in the deepest place and offer a space in which we can all listen deeply to the wisdom of our hearts and remember our purpose on this beautiful earth.

Experience the power and love of “Sacred Earth” at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015.

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Jyoshna La Trobe. Saturday Night at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015

She is a singer, songwriter and kiirtan leader with nearly 20 albums of her own songs and kiirtans.

Jyoshna-La-trobe-350pxHer songs range from ambient folk-pop to kiirtan mantra music to hypnotic dancefloor. She has been described as a singer and songwriter of many colours, her lyrics as ‘the finest of musical poems, rich with devotion and delicacy’, her vocals as ‘distinctive, often thrilling and possessing a transcendent quality’.


Jyoshna’s New Album Launch 

Dharma Cakra “Circle of Empowerment”

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Jimi Dale. Friday-Saturday at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015

 Rhythm is the pulse of life … if your heart is beating you can drum

Jimi has been teaching African style hand drum courses in Auckland since 1995. He plays with well known drum and dance group TAMANI who have recently been performing with Mohamed Bangoura Master Drummer from Guinea West Africa.

Jimi’s workshops and classes focus on how polyrhythm works and how to use rhythm to inspire your own ability to improvise.

Jimi is in the forefront of exploring the healing music and rhythms of southern Africa taught by Chris Berry. Continue reading Jimi Dale. Friday-Saturday at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015


Training Retreat Feedback

“On behalf of the Auckland Sphere group and all those who attended the teachings, I would like to formally thank you for your generous support of Lama Marks’ visit. Both the Shanti Yoga studio and the Prema Meeting Room proved to be fantastic venues and the grounds are beautiful … Lama Mark … mentioned how smooth and restful his stay had been and how he had enjoyed the excellent teaching spaces … with sincere gratitude and best wishes.”

Rafael Hoekstra, Auckland Sphere Group

“This was our 28th Camp held in New Zealand and most successful to date. Your chef and assistants did a marvelous job. The food was lovely … our invited guest teacher said it was one of the best retreats he had been to in his considerable years of tutoring and training around the world … we look forward to booking our next retreat with Kawai Purapura”.

Danny McIntyre, Riai Association (Auckland, Wellington and Motueka)

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ANTHROPOLOGY! World Cultures Revealed

Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2015. 27th Februry- 1st March
Quick Links

IMG_9917_600BARDS, OVATES AND DRUIDS with Pamela Meekings-Stewart.

THE HEALING WAY with Brant Secunda.

THE PATH OF CEREMONY with Gail Whitlow.

HEALING HEARTS~HEALING EARTH: Gathering Wisdom with Marama & Jon Winder

Pamela Meekings-Stewart *

A member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids since 1998 after meeting Chosen Chief, Philip Carr-Gomm at a weekend workshop he held in Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Pamela is the Modron of the Grove of the Summer Stars on her farm in Pukerua Bay (The Woolshed).  The Grove is a true grove of native trees (te kouka – cabbage tree) set in a natural bowl in the land.  The Druid seasonal festivals and Druid Camps are held there, as are the monthly Full Moon ceremonies for women.

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Samantha Coker-Godson

Insight Meditation

Samantha is an authorised Insight Meditation and Yoga teacher, a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and random poet. Introduced to meditation 25 years ago, in the last decade Samantha has found herself moved to guide others to experience the depth of Dharma in their own lives.

Her approach to teaching is one of intimate inquiry, bringing attention to the ways we resist and ague with reality, and also to the ever-ready, uncontrived presence and easeful sense of possibility in us all.

Her retreats, workshops and mindful medicine bring the wisdom traditions to life in fresh ways, providing an opportunity to access and be moved by the essence of these teachings.

It’s a journey of honesty and love – not for the faint-hearted!

Raw Juice Feast & Detox Retreats

Experience a unique program to enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit

BENEFIT from the Power of Raw Juices and Detoxification.

Juice Fasting Retreats: March 4th-8th (Mon-Fri)

LEARN simple techniques bspecifically designed to reconnect you with your body and the natural world.

MELT AWAY the stresses of everydaylife in a relaxing five day experience and allow yourself to be guided gently along the parth of wellness and wellbeing.

TAKE TIPS home and enhance your wellbeing every day of your life. Continue reading Raw Juice Feast & Detox Retreats